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  • Hi. It's not all games. Another TFS-flash game: Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Mini games edition. I found it here: And about Malik's armor skin. Both games offers Malik's armor for completing, but for now their links readdress to Ubisoft's main page. It looks that before game release and some time after, players could have Malik's armor not only for message on 44144 number.

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  • Hey man i am the brother of Aybora2005 please notice this i created the doppelganger page again please say something to lily so she doesn't block me as well

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    • The story you tell gets bigger and bigger each time you tell it, new enemies pop up, and more characters are appearing. Are you even keeping track of your lies. Non of what you said is shown in the art you posted.

      This is pointless. I won't be responding to you any further.

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    • Don't respond i don't care but remember a 17 hour game can't be as small as you think and that is all the story and even if i tried to i can't because that is all of it i wrote less because i just pointed out the main things and don't respond and the things you have told doesn't appear in kb and no developer or no official sites said that the vizier in as well and also you say that the java game is all fake but remember ubisoft gives the permission to them and tells them the information about the game the "real" pop3 they can't make a game that is all fake it is an official pop3 game ffs even it is a java game if it was all fake why would they spoil the vizier the enemies are fake but the snake is real only those 2 things are real and since they wanted to make a game that will pleasure both fans the storytelling was sot and the plot was ww and since it is a dark game even in the trailer the prince is being chased by guards but that is just a tease for the snake since he is haunted and captured by an army and on top of that a snake that is missioned to kill him that is how the prince keeps his dark character and in ttt just an army is trying to kill him and since ww he literally killed every single living creature on the island an army is the same that is why he acts like how he was in sot so please don't call anything fake before thinking twice and also you are just saying fake and lies just to not lose relevancy so i am going to shut up and you are going to shut up as well because at the end of the day we are talking about a game that was never released.

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