Mechanical Tower
Physical Information
Region Island of Time
Location Fortress of Time
Political Information
Rulers Kaileena
Factions Kaileena's armies
Races Sand Creatures
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

"I have never seen such a large clockwork mechanism before, it is as if the entire tower is some tremendous machine. But for what purpose, I wonder?"
—The Prince[1]

The Mechanical Tower is a secondary building located within the Fortress of Time.


The Mechanical Tower is established within the Fortress of Time and was accessible to the left of the Central Hall. The tower is constructed of two parts: The Mechanical Pit, and the Activation Room.

During his journey on the Island of Time, the Prince was instructed to activate the fortress's towers to unlock the throne room.

The Prince maneuvered his way through the past and present state of the Mechanical Tower using Time Portals. While in the Mechanical Pit, the Prince encounters the Sand Wraith again. When he reached the heart of the activation room, he centered the three master gears. After rotating a switch, the gears began turning and the tower becomes activated. This causes one of the beames sealing the throne room to unlock.

The Prince returns to the tower once he learns about the mask of the wraith. He enters the tower through a secret passage from the fortress's library. The Prince arrives in the tower a third time as the sand wraith, this time he entered from the Mystic Caves. A Brute sneaks up behind him and tosses him into a hole in the wall. The Prince remains unconscious for an unknown time, and when he awakens, he begins to question if he is "too late".[1]


  • There are a total of nine artwork chests located in the Mechanical Tower.
  • There is one life upgrade pedestal located in the Mechanical Tower.
  • The Teddy Bear weapon is hidden in the Mechanical Tower.




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