Maharajah (BOPOP)

Biographical Information
Name Maharajah
Alias(es) Sand Wraith
Gender Male
Birthplace India
Species Human
Family Farah (daughter)
Kalim (son)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation Ruler of India (formerly)
Affiliation India
Objects Mask of the Wraith
Powers See: Powers
Abilities See: Abilities
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (game) (mentioned)
Battles of Prince of Persia (mentioned)
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (flashback)
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (mentioned)
Voice Actors

The Maharajah is a minor character in the Sands of Time Trilogy. He was the mighty ruler of India and father of Farah and Kalim. Many years prior to the events in Sands of Time, he journeyed to the Island of Time and took the Artifacts of Time.


Original Timeline

The Island of Time

Prior to the events that would lead to the invasion of his kingdom, the Maharajah learned of the Island of Time and the Artifacts of Time. He and several men traveled to the Island of Time with taking the artifacts for his own.[1]

When they arrived, they were attacked by the Island's Sand Creatures. While many of the men under his command fell, the Maharajah managed to make it to the Hourglass of Time before he himself was killed.[1]

By some miracle, the Maharajah discovered another artifact, the Mask of the Wraith. Using the mask, he traveled back in time and killed the assailant that killed his past self. His actions allowed him to survive in the timeline where he was killed. He later inscribed the story of his efforts on the Island before departing with the Artifacts.[1]


When he returned to India, he placed the Hourglass and Dagger of Time inside his treasure vault for safekeeping.[2] He would later give his daughter the Medallion of Time; his Vizier gained possession of the Staff of Time.[2]

Persian Invasion

Unaware of the Vizier's plans to take the Hourglass of Time for his own, the Maharajah's kingdom was caught unawares by King Sharaman's attack. His palace was destroyed in the invasion, and the Maharajah himself killed in the process.[2] The artifacts of Time he concealed in the treasure vault were taken as Sharaman's "spoils of war" and presented to the Sultan of Azad. His daughter and many of his subjects were captured to be given to the Sultan as slaves.

When the Prince is forced to kill his father, who was transformed into a sand creature, Farah tells him that she "knows what it's like to lose a father". The Maharajah's demise was undone when the Prince triggered the Grand Rewind that reversed all the events that transpired up until the invasion.[2]

New Timeline

The Prince's discovery

When the Prince's actions led to the death of Kaileena and the creation of the Sands of Time, he believed that he would be killed by the Dahaka, who hunted him still. However, down in a tomb, he discovered the Maharajah's account of the Mask of the Wraith. Following in his footsteps, he prevented Kaileena's death and killed the Dahaka by ensuring a past version of himself was killed in his place.[1]

However, because he manipulated time again, the fates of the Maharajah, his family, and subjects were once again altered.[1]

To the Island Again

When the Maharajah journeyed to the Island of Time, he and his men were accompanied by the now resurrected Vizier. When they arrived they found nothing on the Island save for an empty Hourglass, the Dagger and Staff of Time.[3]

They returned to India with the artifacts, the Maharajah seemingly satisfied with what was discovered. However, the Vizier was spurred to find the Empress of Time by dreams he received from the Dagger of Time. The Maharajah, however, was not interested in the Vizier's pursuit and rejected the idea of searching for her. Angry, the Vizier killed the Maharajah and subsequently conquered his kingdom with the help of the Scythians.[3]