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Magic fountain
Magic Fountains
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Magic Fountains[1][2] are a gameplay element in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Magic Fountains allow the player to restore and extend the life bar of the Prince.

Official Description

"There are many baths and fountains throughout the palace that can be used to refill the Prince's Life Bar. However, none are as special as the Magical Fountains. To find one, always be on the lookout for something that just doesn't seem right. Perhaps it's a cracked wall or a ladder leading someplace out of the ordinary. Regardless, explore the mysterious hallways that lead off the beaten path, as they will lead across a series of rope bridges to a Magic Fountain. The Magic Fountain replenishes the Prince's Life Bar and extends it as well!"
—Official booklet description[1]


Drinking water from a fountain or other source will restore a wounded Prince to health. Depending your control scheme and system, the designated trigger[3] will activate the Prince's drinking animation. The Prince will drink until his life bar is fully restored.[2]

However, Magic Fountains not only restore life, but extend the life bar of the Prince. They are often hidden behind the wall of a broken or cracked wall. Depending on the strength of the Prince's sword, he can destroy the wall and enter the realm of the Magic fountain. The fountains can be reached by traversing a series of bridges that lead on from different locations.[2]

The realm is foggy and enshrouded by a soft blue light. The Prince can never be sure whether or not the Magic Fountains are real or a product of his imagination. Each Magic fountain found will extend the Prince's life bar, providing him with more health and fairer chance in battle against larger enemy numbers.[2]






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