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Box art for LEGO Prince of Persia: Battle of Alamut

LEGO Prince of Persia: Battle of Alamut is a Prince of Persia LEGO set that was released in 2010. The set consists of a large model of the castle Alamut, as seen in the film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.[1]

It includes two Alamut Guards, Dastan, Seso, Gool, Tamah, and Nizam mini-figures. It also includes a camel, an animal that only appears in this and one other set, LEGO Prince of Persia: The Fight for the Dagger.[1]


  • Set includes 7 minifigures: Dastan, Seso, Nizam, Giant Semitar Hassansin, Razor Glove Hassansin and two soldiers[2]
  • Functions: Secret door, small catapults, fire barrel drop, Secret stairs (comes out of the wall so Dastan can run up and surprise the enemy)[2]
  • Studs on walls and columns to encourage parkoir play[2]
  • Hiding place for the secret dagger, Dagger of Time, camel and cross bow included
  • Set contains 822 pieces[2]




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