Warrior Within

You Cannot Change Your Fate

If the player engages Kaileena, after bringing her past self into the future, has not gained all all the life upgrades, she will die. The Prince, yet again, killed Kaileena and she is then taken by the Dahaka. Her death spares him of his predicted fate to die at the hands of the Guardian of Time.[1]

Assuming that he has righted his wrongs, the Prince departs from the Island of Time alone and returns to Babylon. However, upon his arrival, he bears witness to his city in flames and under siege by an unknown enemy.[1]

Kindred Blades (Cancelled Sequel)


Kaileena as she appeared in Kindred Blades.

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In the scrapped sequel to the Warrior Within, Kaileena would have still returned to Babylon with the Prince as it is being besieged. Some time during the events of the story the Prince would have been captured by the enemy and Kaileena would be forced to sacrifice herself in order to release the Sands of Time upon Babylon to save him. However, her choice to recreate the Sands of Time, gave the Prince's darker side sentient life in the form of the Dark Prince.[2][3]

Kaileena appeared much like she did in The Two Thrones. Minor differences, however, include, she had no star on her forehead, blue eyes, with paler skin and had beauty marks in various places on her body.[2][3]