Physical Information
Political Information
Rulers Nasreen (current)
Amir Rahman (former)
Allies Persia, Prince
Factions Haoma, Seers
Historical information
Founder "Gods"
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Izdihar is a powerful kingdom that was ravaged by the Haoma. The kingdom is later liberated by the efforts of the Prince of Persia and Zahra. Currently, the kingdom is assumed to be ruled by the freed Princess Nasreen.[1]



Long ago, Izsdihar was created and built by unknown omniscient powers. Humans later discovered Izdihar and built a kingdom on the land.[1]

Ravaging of the Haoma

The magical vine known as the Haoma struck Izdihar from within, corrupting all of Izdihar, including it's Sultan and Princess Nasreen, whom was transformed into the Beast and Sorceress. Many of the sorcerers and seers as well as the general people were killed or transformed. The Haoma also expelled genies from it's land, including Zahra. The Haoma went to then corrupt and drain the magic out of Izdihar, also resulting in killing many of it's legendary creatures and reduced the once all powerful nation into a decaying state of vegetation.[1]

Forgotten Sands

Place of Interests

  • Road of Kings - An ancient ascent through Izahar's massive fortifications. This also houses a large and sturdy gate. According to Zahra, no army be it human or Demon Kind had ever manage to breach the gate. The Prince surmised that because of it's strong defenses, the Haoma conspired to take the kingdom from within.[1]
  • The Souk of Izdihar - A location formerly for the gathering of the Sorcerers and Seers selling goods from different worlds.[1]
  • The Gate of the Chosen One - The gate in which leads to the Mausoleum and Menagerie in Izdihar. The gate is opened from solving a puzzle, purposely crafted. It is located within Izdihar's gardens close to the Palace.[1]
  • The Menagerie of the Myths- A place in which caged and housed legendary creatures all across known time and space. Unlike normal menageries, they were not used for entertainment for the nobility due to the fact that nobility in Izdihar served a higher purpose. The Haoma killed the remaining of the legendary creatures.[1]
  • Path of the Pilgrim


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