Island of Time
Island of Time
Physical Information
Location Unknown
Capital Unknown
Political Information
Factions Sand Creatures
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Island of Time is an island where the Sands of Time were created. It is also the place where Fortress of Time is situated.


The Island of Time is surrounded by a thick fog, making it incredibly difficult to find. Many shipwrecks that loiter the Island's beaches and cliffs lay testament to the treacherous and rocky waters.

Maharajah's Journey

The Maharajah journeyed here many years before the Prince, and found the Hourglass, the Medallion, the Staff and the Dagger of Time.

Warrior Within

The Fortress of Time is situated upon the Island, where the majority of events in Warrior Within occur. The Prince fought Shahdee and Kaileena and killed the Dahaka using the Water Sword.




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