Prince of Persia Enemies
Indian Spearmen
Weapon(s) Spears
Damage Low
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Sword Attack,
Strengths Low
Special Abilities None
Origin India
Species Human
Creator Gods
Affiliation Maharajah
Series Information
Located In The Ramparts[1]
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Indian Spearmen are a uncommon enemy encountered in The Sands of Time.


As guards of the Maharajah's palace, the Spearmen and serve as some of the palace's primary defense against attacks.[1] During Persia's attack on the palace, the Spearmen defended the Ramparts, blocking the Prince's progression to the Maharajah's Treasure Vault.[1]



Not unlike the Indian Guardsmen, the Spearmen are the weakest human enemies faced in The Sands of Time. They appear outside the palace, just before the Prince obtains the Dagger of Time. They usually appear in groups and attack with spears. However they are quite weak, and can be dealt with via simple attacks.[1] Like the Blue Sand Guards, they cannot be vaulted over, so the players best option is to use straight sword attacks to break their defenses and if possible, wall rebounds to knock them down.


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