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Location South Asia
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Founded Unknown
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India was home to the Maharajah's kingdom.[1][2] The Maharajah's kingdom was guarded by a strong army who protected the family of Maharajah, his daughter and his son, a member of the army.[3] The Maharajah's Kingdom was later destroyed in a Scythian invasion.[4]


The Sands of Time

The Maharajah's Palace was besieged by Persia following an alliance between Sharaman of Babylon and the Maharajah's Vizier, who betrayed him in an effort to capture the Artifacts of Time. The Maharajah's kingdom was conquered by the Persians, its palace sacked was sacked and Farah, the princess, was taken prisoner. However, because the Prince was able to recapture the Sands of Time, after he triggered the Grand Rewind, the following events were erased and never came to pass.[1]

Battles of Prince of Persia

The Maharajah's vast army, led by Kalim, the Maharajah's son, would later to blows with Sharaman's youngest son, the Prince. Besides Kalim, the Maharajah's army was led by the Vizier and Arun, who later came to the aid of the Prince during his search for Box of a Thousand Restraints.[3]

The Two Thrones

In an altered timeline created by the Prince (who prevented the creation of the Sands of Time), the Vizier once again betrays the Maharajah and murders him, before leading a Scythian army to sack India. After capturing many of its people, including Farah, as slaves, the Vizier was backed by an effective army to begin his assault on Persia with Babylon, Persia's capital city as his first stop.[4]

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Maharajah's Kingdom


The Sands of Time


The Forgotten Sands