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The Hunter Artwork

Hunter Still Human

Biographical Information
Name Hunter
Nickname N/A
Gender Male
Birthplace Persia
Species Human (Corrupted)
Family Ahriman (master)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation Corrupted, Servant of Ahriman, Prince (Formerly)
Affiliation The Corrupted
Objects Katar
Powers None
Abilities Expert Swordsman
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008), Stories And Secrets
Voice Actors N/A

The Hunter is one of the most powerful servants of the dark god Ahriman.


Early Life

The Hunter was originally a prince and lived a life of luxury surrounded by riches and indulgence. Yet he came to love the thrill of hunting and spent his days in pursuit of hunt after hunt, aided by only the best hunting instructors and masters he could find, surpassing each as his talent grew. He had soon traced and killed all manner of creatures in the entire kingdom, both natural and mythical.

His skill was matchless, no competitor could beat him, but eventually even this became jaded. Then Ahriman saw his discontent and after luring him into a dark cave, offered him a chance to fight a foe beyond all others, the most fearsome beast that would ever walk the earth.

Unable to resist this, the prince offered up his soul and found himself transformed into a monstrous beast. Hearing of this new and deadly prey, the best hunters from across the world came to hunt him. And so the Prince was granted his wish - he hunted man.

Servant of Ahriman

The Hunter served as one of Ahriman's generals in his war on the Light and was one of the few to survive his master's eventual fall and was imprisoned along with his fellow Corrupted within the Tree of Life. But now Ahriman's corruption has been set free once again, and with it the Hunter has a new quarry to hunt and kill - the Prince of Persia. His lands are the Ruined Citadel, long abandoned by the Ahura, and his lair is filled with cages and areas where he would torment his captured quarries.

The Hunter is fast and agile in battle, ambushing his prey from the shadows. His greatest weapon is the mechanical Katar-like claw he carries bound to his body by a long chain. Unlike his fellows he does not taunt or insult his prey but only snarls and roars like the animal Ahriman has turned him into. Eventually defeated by the Prince, the Hunter willingly allows Elika to cleanse him allowing his tormented soul to finally rest.