Group Information
Name Hassansins
Tactics Hassasins attack in groups and often without warning
Current Status
Foundation Information
Origin Persia
Members Setam, Ghazab, Gool, Tamah, Hassad, Nefrat
Affiliation Nizam
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)

The Hassansins[1] were a group of feared Persian warriors, who once served the kings of Persia, until King Sharaman ordered them disbanded.


Hassansins fight with no remorse, each one able to cause maximum damage by wielding ferocious weapons. Tradition dictated that the Hassasins were always seven. They were expert in discipline of janna, (the art of a quick death)[citation needed], and they took poppy to numb their bodies and their spirits about the world of darkness they lived in.

Events of The Sands of Time

The Order of Hassansins were to be dissolved by the King, but they were kept together and hidden by Nizam, who hired the group to hunt down Prince Dastan and steal the Dagger of Time from him.[1]

Many were killed, but the Prince used the dagger to stop Nizam from killing his father; this means they never faced the prince and those who were killed in the original future didn't die.[1]


Hassansins are based on Hashshashins; real medieval Persian warriors who are surrounded by legends and mysticism. The word "Hashshansin" is derived from Hassan-i Sabbah, the founder of the Hashshansin etymology, who lived in Persia from the mid-11th century to the early 12th century.

The name eventually evolved into assassination, or the murder a sudden attack; often for political purposes. The word actually refers to the drug hashish.


  • One of the hassansins in the film uses a weapon that resembles the Daggertail.