Prince of Persia Enemies
Origin Izdihar
Species Haoma
Creator Sorceress
Series Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii)

"Let's see how you do, without your head!"
—The Prince

The Guardian was a gigantic stone creature controlled by the Haoma. It was summoned by the Sorceress to kill the Prince.


In the first segment of the battle, the creature used his enormous arm to squash the Prince, but in doing so it revealed his weak spot: a pair of big flowers on his hand. Aiming at those points granted the Prince to stun the creature and climb on the walls near it to jump and cut its head which was a sculpted mask.

However, the creature managed to replace his head with another mask and attack the Prince once again, this time, using a big pillar for second arm. Using the same strategy, the hero stunned the monster and cut even the second head. Unfortunately, there was still another mask, and the Prince had to fight the monster once again and cut off the last head of the creature, killing it for good.



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