The Grand Rewind is an event which occurs when the Sands of Time are returned to the Hourglass using the Dagger of Time. The Grand Rewind is only seen once in The Sands of Time and later appears in the 2010 film of the same name. Unlike the rewind or recall, the Grand Rewind merely erases any event in the timeline prior to the opening of the Hourglass and the Sands of Time's release.


Sands of Time

In The Sands of Time, Farah attempts to get the Prince to place the dagger into the center of the Hourglass' dome in order to trigger the rewind. However, the Prince hesitates, unsure of Farah's intentions or reasons for trusting them in the face of Persia's attack on India. After they are banished from the tower by the Vizier, Farah attempts to trigger the rewind herself by taking the Dagger of Time while the Prince was asleep, but died before she could complete the task.

In the face of his consequences for unleashing the Sands of Time, the Prince finally uses the Dagger and is successful in triggering the Grand Rewind. He is taken back to before Sharaman's attack on the Maharajah's palace, foiling the Vizier's plans to obtain the Dagger and the Hourglass.

Sands of Time (Film)


Dastan and Nizam fight over the Dagger as time turns back.

The Grand Rewind ability does make an appearance in the Sands of Time film. Dastan and Nizam fight over the Dagger while it pierces the Sandglass.

The sands begin to leak out, threatening the entire planet. Dastan manages to stop the overflow and seals the breach in the Sandglass. Afterward, both Dastan and Nizam are caught up a vortex. Dastan's actions manage to turn back time up to the moment just after the invasion of the city of Alamut.