The Gods are an omniscient group responsible for the creation of mankind and the Sands of Time.[1]


The Great Sandstorm

At some point in time, the gods became angry with the behavior of man. Their wrath was so great that they created a sandstorm to destroy mankind as punishment for their sins. However, before they could complete their task, a young girl sought them out and begged that they show mercy on mankind. Her words were enough that they reconsidered their punishment.[1]

Creation of the Sands of Time

With mankind's punishment rescinded, the gods stored the sandstorm within a great hollow crystal that would later be known as the "Sandglass of Time".[1] The sandstorm would later come to be known as the "Sands of Time". In conjuction with the creation of the Sands of Time, the gods created a dagger; it would be the only thing strong enough to destroy the sandglass and release the Sands onto the world.[1]