Prince of Persia Enemies
Alias "Powers that no longer dwell in the Mortal World"[1]
Weapon(s) Varies
Damage Varies
Origin Unknown
Series Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (mentioned)
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii)

The Gods refer to a pantheon of of omniscient and powerful beings whom are the creation of all things.[2]


Creation of the Timeline

When an unspecified sect of Gods created the original timeline that once existed (prior to its being tampered with by the Prince during his adventure in Azad)[3], Kaileena, was inadvertently created as a byproduct of the original timeline itself, granting her the power of time itself and created the Sands of Time.[4][5]

Founding of Izdihar

At some point in history, a group of godly entities (including Tistrya) created Izdihar with their own power, establishing the themselves as the main source of power. This resulted in the land being extremely power and potent with magic. The reason behind this is unknown, though it was noted to be not be built for humans. After building the land, they left the mortal world. Their current whereabouts is unknown.[1]

Zurvan's incantation

At some point in Persia's history, an acolyte in the Lost Temples of Zurvan managed to harness the power present in all three temples and granted him the power of Zurvan himself, making him an incantation of Zurvan on Earth. He would use his power to enslave the people of Persia. A great king arose to rebel his rule and started a quest of destroying all three of the temples by using the element of surprise. After a great battle, Zurvan's minon was defeated but was spared, exiling him into the mountains. Long after the event, it became a tale as a children's bed time story.[6]

List of known Gods

Izdihar's Gods


  • Because the Gods are believed to be the origin of all things, the Prince (a believer of Gods) refers to the idea of Gods being the origin of all things magic as a "politician's answer".[1]


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