Physical Information
Region Island of Time
Location Fortress of Time
Political Information
Rulers Kaileena
Factions Kaileena's armies
Races Sand Creatures
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Foundry (also known as the Iron Works) [1] is a location within the Fortress of Time.


The foundry is guarded not only by heavy traps, but also many Executioners and Assassins. This area of the fortress is used to form and mold deadly weapons for the empress's army.

The Prince arrives in the foundry as the Sand Wraith, and he cannot seem to reach the platform above. The prince brings the platform to himself, by connecting the molten filled pipes, and melting it down. This allows the prince to escape, and return to the prison.


  • There are a total of three artwork chests located in the Foundry.


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