Fertile Grounds
Elika healing a fertile ground
Physical Information
Location Unknown
Political Information
Rulers N/A
Factions N/A
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)

"They feed the temple, give it the energy it needs to hold Ahriman trapped.""
—The Prince
"I don't know.They were constructed a thousand years ago after Ahriman was imprisoned. Now, If you want the guide tour, can we wait until after we've re-imprisoned Ahriman?"
—Elika and the Prince's Conversation.[1]

The Fertile Grounds are areas in Prince of Persia that contain Ormazd's power.


When Ahriman is being freed, the fertile grounds must be healed to prevent his complete escape.

During the events of Prince of Persia, Elika and Prince heal The City of Light, The Vale, The Citadel and The Palace fertile grounds, which are guarded by Ahriman's Corrupted, using Elika's power. When a fertile ground is healed, the area around it becomes free of the corruption and Light Seeds appear.

There are also fertile ground's inside the Temple of the Tree of Life that, once healed, restore the Tree's seals that prevent Ahriman from escaping. It is known that fertile grounds exist outside the City of Light.


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