Sands of Time

As the Prince's companion, Farah can help the player solve puzzles and help the player progress further into the game by accessing hard-to-reach areas otherwise inaccessible to the Prince. If she spots a crack behind an object, she is able to slip through and reach the other size of the environment by conventional means. Farah will also alert the player to the presence of enemies that have yet to appear on screen when she draws her bow or gasps.

If the Prince hits Farah with his sword Farah will comment "What are you trying to do?! Kill me?" Should the player continue to attack Farah, her life bar will deplete and she will shoot you with her arrow. In response to the Prince's exclamation of pain, Farah will respond "Sorry!" Despite her position as a AI controlled companion, the player can still kill Farah.

If there are enemies in range and the Prince/Player sheathes his sword, Farah will shout "Why did you put your sword away?" If there is no apparent danger in the environment and draws his sword, Farah will fall into a defensive position and say "What!?" in response. Farah is unable to kill Sand Creatures with her bow, just weaken them enough for the player to kill them.

If you stand next to Farah in and rewind time, she will comment on experiencing deja vu, suggesting the Dagger does not have the total ability to erase an event from someone's mind in short bursts.

If you look at Farah in First-Person camera view, she will ask you, "Please don't look at me like that" or "What are you looking at? ...Stop staring at me!" The Prince typically responds, "Sorry, was I staring? or "Nothing". The latter comment usually occur after Farah calls declares her love to an unconscious Prince after the battle at the harem when she thought he was unconscious. In the elevator in the Tower of Dawn, Farah will remark that the Prince's eyes are green.[note 1]

Two Thrones

Though Farah returns as the Prince's companion, she is more often than not separated from the player and often only appears during cinematic. During specific scripted events, however, she is able to kill Sand Creatures, an ability she was not afforded in Sands of Time.

In a contradiction, in the cinematic after the Prince battles with Twin Warriors, her arrows only seem able to stagger or knock them down. Her bow has changed in appearance, being a simple wooden long bow in Sands of Time, it is re curved ivory-metal bow in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.


  1. Farah: Your eyes. ...They're green.
    Prince: Really?
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