Farah POP SOT 02

Farah exhibits proficient in Archery

Through out both Sands of Time and The Two Thrones, Farah has shown mastery in the skill of archery, being highly accurate and saving the Prince's own life against all sorts of opponents from Sand monsters[1][2] to even the more powerful Vizier generals. Her aim is uncanny and rarely is seen missing.

In addition to having mastery in archery, she is seen as a proficient athlete. She's been seen able to jump large distances[1][2] and scale the rooftops of Babylon[2] as well as getting around traps herself.[1]

Farah is also very insightful on what it means to be a leader, often being the voice of reason to the Prince in The Two Thrones and reminding him of what it means to be a true leader.[2] She also is very selfless, unlike the Prince.


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