This article is about the achievement in Forgotten Sands. You may be looking for looking for the ability in Warrior Within.
Eye of the Storm
Forgotten Sands Flame
Game The Forgotten Sands
UPlay 40 Units
Xbox 360 30G
Playstation 3 30 Silver

Eye of the Storm is an achievement/trophy in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.


"Reach the final fight."


You will get to the base of a large tower and enter a section called The Final Climb. Once you are finished the first part and get outside, only kill enough enemies to refill health and energy because these enemies do not drop experience. Continue to platform up the tower and you will come to a series in which you fight enemies on one platform, use vultures to travel to another and then fight more. You will follow this pattern several times and get some great sights while doing it. When you finally land on a solid platform, the trophy will unlock.