The Prince battles the Sand Creatures in Azad

Throughout Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the Prince and Farah encounter various enemies transformed by the Sands of Time.


Human Enemies

When the Prince and his father's army attacked the Maharajah's palace in India, spurred on by the betrayal of the Vizier, they encountered the Maharajah's warriors apart of the army meant to protect the kingdom and its subjects. Later, the Vizier himself becomes an enemy of both the Prince and the Farah.[1]

Sand Creatures

Sand Creatures appear to be simple-minded, zombie-like creatures that attack humans, like Prince and Farah, on sight. They are found in locations specific either to their profession or otherwise noted. For example, Harem Sand Creatures are encountered in the halls of Azad and appear throughout the palace.[1]

Their counterparts, the Metal Chain Sand Creatures are first encountered in the Sultan's Harem. In one instance he fought his father, Sharaman, in the reception hall where he died. The Prince also fought animals which were once a part of the Sultan of Azad's zoo. These creatures and countless others seem to be manipulated by the Vizier.[1]

Known Enemies

Human Enemies

Sand Creatures


  • Of all the sand creatures that the Prince and Farah encounters, Farah is afraid of the animal creatures.
  • When the Prince has to chase Farah[2], he passes by some Blue Sand Guards. With or without a weapon, they will attack the Prince unless the player is quick enough to evade them and enter the room where the Sword of the Enlightened Warrior is located.


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