Elika, like the Prince, is athletic and able-bodied. This is evident in that throughout the Prince of Persia game, she is seen able to keep up with the Prince whether it be wall running or jumping of walls.[1] She is also a skilled fighter and capable on her own.

In addition, she is able to fight alongside the Prince in sync with him. She is also very wise for her age, drawing wisdom from the stories her mother told her as a child.[2]


Elika gained magical powers after her father resurrected her, which released Ahriman. Although she doesn't quite understand how, it was most likely given to her by Ormazd. Elika has been seen able to use her magic very effectively, despite not fully understanding the nature and purpose of her power herself. It because of her power she is able to aid the Prince throughout his journey and without her, it would have been impossible for the Prince. She was also able to hold her own against Ahriman. Her magic rivals that of Zal, who appears in The Fallen King.

Elika is able to purify corrupted fertile grounds. She was able to also free/destroy The Corrupted form Ahriman's Influence. Her magic seems to affect the Corrupt greatly. The Step of Ormazd gives Elika the ability to jump between Step of Ormazd's plates. Hand of Ormazd gives her the ability to be carried between Hand of Ormazd's plates. Breath of Ormazd, Elika can run up on vertical walls between Breath of Ormazd's plates; used primarily in the Vale and the City of Light. Wings of Ormazd Gives her the power to fly between Wings of Ormazd's plates. Energize - Gives her the ability to reconstruct destroyed areas of the environment to create a path for a period of time.


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