Elikas mother
Biographical Information
Name Unknown
Nickname "Elika's mother"
Gender Female
Birthplace City of Light
Species Human
Family Elika (daughter),
Mourning King (husband, deceased)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation Queen of the Ahura
Rank Queen
Affiliation City of Light
Objects Magic
Powers See: Powers
Abilities See: Abilites
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Stories And Secrets
Prince of Persia (2008)(mentioned)
Voice Actors

"Elika's mother" was the last queen of the Ahura. She was the hope of the Ahura or at least gave them hope and kept the people united until she had died under unknown circumstances.


Early Life

Not much is known of Elika's mother. She was formerly the Queen of the Ahura and married to the Mourning King. She was close to her daughter and often told stories to her. Elika's mother once told her daughter the tale of how the Hunter became one of the corrupted in order for her to draw wisdom on story tales that become real.[1]

Death and Aftermath

Three years prior to the events that took place of Prince of Persia, Elika's mother died. The circumstance of how Elika's mother died remains unknown but after her death, a tomb was built for her. Her death sent her husband into depression he never fully recovered from and was most likely the reason he tried desperately to not lose Elika, who was the last connection he had with his deceased wife. It would also eventually sway him from the Ahura.[citation needed]


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