Prince of Persia Weapons
Eagle Sword
Eagle Sword
Wielder Prince
Origin Persia
Creator Unknown
Weapon Stats
Game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Eagle Sword is the first primary weapon the Prince uses in Warrior Within.

Official Description

"Deriving its name from the golden eagle's talon that extends from its hilt, this weapon has been preserved by the Royal Family since it was first discovered. Handed Down from Father to Son as a rite of passage, it now belongs to the Prince. Over the past several years, he has trained tirelessly with this powerful weapon, mastering dozens of new combat techniques to supplement his already impressive skills; it is always at his side. And while it can dispatch most foes with greatest of ease, there remains one creature completely immune to its power - the Dahaka."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


This sword allows the Prince to perform combos of up to three hits.


A noble and powerful blade fit for a prince, which was brought down by the Prince's family to him. Even though the sword looks (and is) old, it is very powerful. This is the sword with which the Prince fights on his ship. When the Prince is defeated by Shahdee and knocked overboard, the sword is thrown into the sea after him, and sinks to the ocean floor, lost forever.


  • In various pieces of concept art, the Prince is shown wielding the Eagle Sword and Lion Sword at the same time, but this doesn't happen in the game.


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