Prince of Persia Weapons
Sword of the Djnn Mantle Profile
The Djinn Sword's resting place in Rekem
Djinn Sword
Wielder Solomon, Prince
Origin Rekem
Creator Djinn
Weapon Stats
Special Has the ability to Kill Djinn; kills most Sand Army enemies in one strike
Location Solomon's Hall[1]
Game Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

The Djinn Sword[1] is a weapon created by Djinn. It is obtained by the Prince when the Sand Army is resurrected by Malik using the seal.


The Djinn Sword is a sword created by the powers of tribes of Djinn in an effort to destroy the Sand Army created by Ratash. When used against the Sand Army, the sword can kill most enemies among their ranks in one strike. When imbued with the power of another Djinn, it can kill another Djinn.



The Djinn Sword was created by the Djinn almost a thousand years ago. It was once wielded by King Solomon in the battle against Ratash and the Sand Army. The weapon was a major component in the capture and first defeat of Ratash.[1]

Events of The Forgotren Sands

The Djinn Sword rested in the very heart of Rekem in Solomon's Hall. Guarded by an elaborate trap system maintained by the waters provided by the aqueducts, the sword resides inside a vault, embedded in the skull mantle that resembles Ratash. When the Prince fails to trap the Sand Army by reuniting the halves of the seal, Razia claims the only way to destroy Ratash is to use the Djinn Sword.

Though doubtful, the Prince obliges her command and travels down into Rekem to obtain the sword. Once he does, he returns to Razia's realm where she imbues the sword with her very essence.[1] In effect, Razia fights with the Prince to kill Ratash with the sword. Despite the immense power he obtained with the Sand Army, the Prince is able to strike Ratash in the very heart of Malik's half of the broken seal and destroys him. However, the sword kills Razia and Malik as well.[1]

After defeating Ratash, the Prince returns the sword in the Solomon's Hall, as he feels that Razia would prefer this to be her final resting place. He also states that he could not bear to keep the sword.


  • After Razia merges with the sword, she can be heard chanting every time that Prince swings the blade. This is most evident during the final confrontation with Ratash, where she will speak whole sentences, instead of only words.
  • No enemies are fought in between obtaining the sword, and Razia merging with it, leaving the true power of the sword ambiguous.