Prince of Persia Enemies
Sewers Guard
Dark Reptus
Weapon(s) Reptus Axe
Damage Low
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Light Sources
Strengths Low
Special Abilities None
Origin Babylon outskirts
Species Human (formerly), Sand Creature
Creator Vizier
Affiliation Vizier
Series Information
Located In Sewers
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Dark Reptus[1] is a common enemy in The Two Thrones.

Official Description

"The tale of the Reptus is a sad one. When the Vizier first obtains the power of the Sands, he practices his arts on Babylon's less-fortunate members--- a colony of lepers located on the outskirts of the city. As leper flesh is already quite pliable, the Vizier expends less energy in reshaping them. The resulting creature looks exactly as one should would expect--- crudely fashioned with patches of skin mission, exposing the muscle and bone beneath. As lepers, the Retpus were shunned by citizens and driven underground, fashioning crude homes in the sewers beneath Babylon. As a result, they are quite sensitive to light. When exposed to it, they will quickly throw up their arms up to protect their eyes. This leaves them quite vulnerable. A wise warrior exploits this weakness."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


Prior to their transformation, the Reptus were a colony of lepers who dwelt on the outskirts of the city. When the Vizier gained immortality using the Sands of Time, he subjected them to experiments using the Sands to transform them into the Reptus.[1]

They are reptilian in appearance, an exaggeration of their condition by the Vizier. They appear mostly in cellars, dark corridors, sewers, etc.


Equipped with a large axe, they are able to inflict severe wounds, although they are moderately resistant to blows. They don't apply sophisticated fighting tactics, often throwing wild swings which are easily evaded. They are, however, very determined and relentless. They often attack in large groups.

There are places in which the Prince has to fight a score or more Reptus. The Speed Kill attack is no use, as they only appear when the Prince enters their territory. Reptus have a strong aversion to light, as they are blinded easily and seem to be weakened by it; this could be due to their habit of inhabiting dark spaces.

This makes forcing them into areas of light an essential tactic when fighting them en masse. They are even affected by the glow of Sharaman's Sword, which gives off light. A good idea to defeat them is to take up a dead one's axe and charge throw it at another one. He will be killed easily. Take the killed one's axe and charge throw it at another incoming one. Repeat this process until all of them have been dispatched.


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