The Dark Prince wall-riding using the Daggertail

Whenever the Prince is taken over by the Dark Prince, he begins to lose health gradually until he dies.[1] This mechanic is similar to the circumstances of the Sand Wraith, who merely loses a quarter of his life during gameplay segments in Warrior Within.[2] In order to regain health, the player must must collect sand from Sand Creatures and breakable objects located throughout the game in varying environments.[1]

Unique to the Dark Prince, the player can use the Daggertail, part of a weapon wielded by Mahasti that was embedded in the arm of the Prince, as weapon against Sand Creatures. The Dark Prince's gameplay is reliant on the combo strings. Attacks such as Oblivion Tornado, Twister of Penitence, and Plague Tornado are a few of the Dark Prince's strongest combo attacks.[1]

Alternatively, the Daggertail is also key in certain platforming elements of The Two Thrones, revealing wall timed segments and allowing the Dark Prince to reach areas the Prince would be unable to reach even with the wall ride.[1]

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