The Two Thrones


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With the Daggertail, the Dark Prince is a more deadly combatant.


The Dark Prince is also able to use the Daggertail to assist him in acrobatics.

The Dark Prince appears to retain all skill and ability of the Prince.[1] However, with the added abilities with the Daggertail, the Dark Prince can perform significantly greater feats of acrobatics and attacking combinations in comparison to the Prince.[1] The Dark Prince can now wall-run for a dramatically longer time after hooking the Daggertail into a lamp jutting out of the wall.[1]

Another use is hooking the Daggertail to an out-of-reach pole while jumping to extend the jump's length.[1] The Dark Prince can now form new combos against his enemies, which are far more lethal with the Daggertail than they ever could be without.[1] Many of the most dangerous attacks include a good mix of the Dagger of Time and the Daggertail.[1]


The Dark Prince possesses no real magical powers. However, the Prince's Strength increases enough to where he was able to overpower one of the Vizier's Generals, Mahasti, whose strength and speed were also enhanced by the power of the Sands.[1]

The Prince's body is transformed, the Dark Prince is dependent on the Sands of Time. If he does not find and consume Sand within a certain amount of time, he will die.[1] In addition to his dependency on the Sands of Time, the Dark Prince is vulnerable to water. Should the Prince enter any body of water, the Dark Prince loses control of his body and the Prince regains dominance of his self.


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