This article is about the enemy from Prince of Persia Classic. You may be looking for the character from The Two Thrones.
Prince of Persia Enemies
Dark Prince Classic
Dark Prince
Weapon(s) Sword[1]
Damage High[2]
Behavior Aggressive[1]
Weaknesses The Prince[1]
Strengths Can mimic the Prince's every movement
Creator Jaffar (assumed)
Affiliation Jaffar
Series Information
Located In High Tower[1]
Appearances Prince of Persia Classic

The Dark Prince is an uncommon enemy in Xbox Arcade remake of Prince of Persia.


Approaching the end of the High Tower, the Prince is confronted by the Dark Prince, a shadowy apparition of himself that blocks his path into Jaffar’s room.[1]

When he tries to fight him, the Dark Prince mimics his every movement. The Dark Prince attempted to kill the Prince, but the Prince dodged his attack and rushed him. The Prince collided with the Dark Prince and the shadow disappeared, allowing him passage into Jaffar’s room.[1]



Because the Dark Prince is a mirror image of the Prince, the player cannot beat him in melee combat. The Dark Prince can move faster than the Prince and will attack with a wide sweep of his sword.[1]

Dodge the attack and walk directly into the Dark Prince. The Dark Prince will disappear, allowing the player to progress to the next level.[1]


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