This article is about the weapon in the Sands of Time film. You may be looking for the weapon from the 2003 game.
Sands of Time (Film) Object
Dagger of Time (film)
Creator Gods
Origin Alamut
Weapon Info

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Special Ability Manipulation of time
Media Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)

The Dagger of Time is ancient artifact created by the Gods.[1] The function of the Dagger of Time is identical to its use in the Sands of Time Trilogy developed by Ubisoft Montreal.


The Dagger has the ability to reverse time, but for no longer than a minute. Its ability to manipulate time cannot be used in combat: When Dastan accidentally pressed the jewel pommel when attempting to fight Tamina, it immediately reversed time to before their fight, rather than aiding him in combat. According to Tamina, the Dagger "Is not much more than a dull knife" without the Sands of Time.

The Sands of Time are stored within the glass hilt of the weapon. How the Sands of Time are transferred into the weapon is never revealed, however, if need be, an amulet holding extra sand (likely created by the guardians of the Dagger) can be used to restore its depleted amount.[1]

When its wielder manipulates time, the Sands of Time flow out and form an intricate pattern design on half of the wielder's arms and torso and create an impression of past moments as time reverses.[1] The wielder is later transported back into their bodies the moment before the dagger is used.[2]



The Dagger of Time was created when the Gods were convinced by a young girl to spare humanity. With the sandstorm trapped inside a sandglass, the Gods ensured that the only thing that could break the crystal was the Dagger of Time.[1]

Guarded by the family of Princess Tamina, the Dagger was placed inside a holy tabernacle atop the High Temple in the city of Alamut and was later entrusted to Tamina.

Events of The Sands of Time

During the invasion of Alamut, Prince Dastan discovered the weapon and later learned to use its abilities to his advantage.[1]



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