Prince of Persia Enemies
Daevas Troops
Daeva warriors as they appears in Battles of Prince of Persia.
Alias Demons
Weapon(s) Axe; Sword(s); etc.
Damage Moderate; Very Heavy
Weaknesses Dependent on enemy
Special Abilities N/A
Origin Aresura
Creator Unknown
Series Information
Located In Aresura
Appearances Battles of Prince of Persia

"The Daeva’s were a noble race once. They lived beyond the wounded lands in the days before you were born."

The Daeva are a supernatural race that fought both India and Persia before their imprisonment within the Box of a Thousand Restraints by the Vizier.[1]


Conflict with Persia and India

The Deava resided in the realm of Aresura, a region nearest to India. The Deava become the enemies of both India and Persia, following the careful planning of the Vizier, an aide of the Maharajah. Looking to gain a powerful foothold over the Deava with the Box of a Thousand Restraints, he convinced the general Saurva, to lead the Deava to war with the Indians and the Persians.[1]

The generals of Daeva army led their forces into Babylon, a kingdom ruled by Sharaman and attacked the fortified city. Sharaman's retaliation was such that he was able to defeat one of their general and force the Deava army to retreat.[1]

The Vizier's Betrayal

Saurva was successfully able to retrieve the Box of a Thousand Restrains from Babylon and gave the mystical object to the Vizier. Shortly thereafter, he was betrayed by the Vizier, who murdered the general's wife. Saurva and the Deava army rebelled against the Vizier and fought his forces in an attempt to avenge the death of Saurva's wife.[1]

However, the arrival of the Persian and Indian armies saw to their swift defeat. When the Persian army was defeated, Saurva was nearly able to kill Sharaman, but failed. Unaware that the Vizier's motivations for the Box of a Thousand Restrains were mired by his obsession for Saurva's sister, Sindra, the Deava were caught unawares by the Vizier, who used his magic to imprison them inside the box and strip Sindra (who was spared imprisonment) of her memories.[1]


The aftermath of their conflict with Persia and India left the Deava with a formidable reputation. According to the account of the Persians and Indians, Daeva were akin to demons, but held many human-like qualities. The strength of their army, at the time of the Maharajah's rule, was over 100,000 members.[1]

Freedom from the Box

Known Daeva


Capable warriors and fighters, Daeva can go head-to-head with both the Persian and Indian armies, who they favorably compare to demons. The formidably of the Daeva armies as a whole, while stronger then the Indian army, is not as strong as the Persian army. A member of the Deava was onced hailed by the Vizier as the greatest general of the world.[1]






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