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"Defeat does not suit you, Prince. Get back on your feet."
—Crow Master[2]

The Crow Master is an uncommon enemy encountered in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Official Description[]

"A powerful being is said to lead the Crows in their efforts to purge the island of intruders. It is unknown whether the Crow Master was created by the Empress, or is simply a byproduct of her enchantments. Either way, care should be taken when this creature appears."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


The Prince encounters a Crow Master shortly after his arrival on the Island of Time and the fiends harass him on numerous occasions afterwards. They attack by being able to levitate off the ground, and perform fast, graceful sword attacks that can be difficult to evade.[2]

Luckily, they are also quite susceptible to the Prince's acrobatic attacks. Also, all of the Crow Master fights can be evaded. Although powerful, their attacks are unable to break the prince's guard.

The Crow master's sword can be picked up afterwards. It deals incredibly high damage, being able to kill a keeper with a single hit, but it has the same durability as most other secondary weapons.

Later in the game, the player encounters the Imperial Guards, which are similar in stance to the Crow Masters, but dynamically different in other aspects.[2]


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