Prince of Persia Enemies
Crow vs Prince
Weapon(s) None
Damage Low
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Melee attacks
Strengths Low
Special Abilities None
Origin Island of Time
Species Sand Creature
Creator Kaileena
Affiliation Kaileena
Series Information
Located In The Beach
Garden Tower
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Crows are a common enemy encountered in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Official Description

"Native to the Island, thee small winged monstrosities physically resemble crows, but they posses killer instinct unique to the species. They often work together to distract and harm their enemies. Capable of communication, these crows have a sinister sense of organization."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


Inhabiting the Island of Time, the Crows possess an unnatural intelligence, capable of well-coordinated attacks. This may have something to do with the rumors of their connection to the creatures referred to as the Crow Masters.[2]

The Prince encounters flocks of Crows throughout the Island of Time, primarily on its beaches at the palace entryway and in the Garden Tower. Strangely, they also seem highly intelligent, and possess a killer instinct. They attack the Prince by swarming around him and swiping at him. Thankfully, they can be dispatched with only a swipe or two of the Prince's weapon.[2]



The role of the Crows in Warrior Within is not unlike the Sand Bats and Sand Vultures. As one of the weakest enemies encountered in Warrior Within, their strength lies in their numbers and they will often wait for the Prince to turn their attention away from them or attempt to escape to attack them.

Though their attacks do not inflict a great deal of damage, a group over a gradual period of time can cause complications and deplete the lifebar of the Prince fairly quickly. The players best bet against the Crows is attacking when they have ceased to attack the Prince and quickly. One blow typically will kill them.

Due to being sometimes easily to miss these light predators when they are soaring into the air, for instance on the Beach, it is suggested to slay them while holding your position on a ledge, as the crows shall approach you slowly unidirectional and one blade cleave is enough to destroy them (however, when bearing the Wooden Stick you will need to strike two times).


  • In one instance, a glitch in Warrior Within will occur that allows crows high above the player can inflict damage to the Prince.


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