The Concubine
Biographical Information
Name Concubine
Gender Female
Birthplace Persia
Species Human (formerly)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation Servant of Ahriman
Affiliation Ahriman
Objects Staff
Powers See: Powers
Abilities See: Abilities
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)
Voice Actors

The Concubine is a former courtesan and a servant of Ahriman.


Early Life

The Concubine was once a beautiful woman who was adept at navigating the politics of the court. Knowing that the real power of her land rested with men despite her high intellect, her only route to success, riches and influence in the court was through manipulation.

With beauty, though, comes jealousy, and when the Concubine became involved with a man of great power, she attracted the attention of another powerful woman in the court. The woman hired someone to have the Concubine beaten, scarred, and maimed.

Left without a way to acquire the influence she worshiped--her beauty--the Concubine turned to the one who could give her that power.

Deal with Ahriman

Ahriman, hearing her pleas offered to give her the ability to shift her shape and cast illusions, allowing her to become whomever she desired but with the price of her soul and eternal servitude which she gladly accepted. However, she could never keep her form for very long and was always forced to leave her lover each night, to become another woman and begin the process of seduction all over again.

The more men she seduced, the further she traveled from herself, and she remembered less of who she actually had been until all she knew were feelings of loss, lust and rejection. Now she is a loyal servant to Ahriman, the Corruption taking complete hold of her. Concubine tortured the king of Ahura in the Coronation Halls, the cage she used is still there as a reminder.[1]

The Concubine stalks the empty halls of the Royal Palace, claiming them for her own. Though an agile fighter with her staff, her greatest weapon is her voice; constantly whispering false promises of dreams fulfilled, tempting the Prince and Elika with their greatest desires and or trying to drive a wedge between them. She uses her illusions to taunt them from afar and constantly separates them by restraining Elika with tendrils of Corruption. She is eventually cornered in the Palace Rooms and defeated.


  1. As revealed in a conversation with Elika in Prince of Persia (2008).

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