Combos exist in all the Prince of Persia games developed by Ubisoft Montreal. However, only two are shown here as they represent a lot of the other combos in other games. Still, a full combo list would be nice, if you have such a list.

The Forgotten Sands

Weapon Combos

A sword combo by holding the sword button (doing a power attack) and then by pressing it repeatedly, chaining more sword attacks (maximum five sword attack combo).

Power attacks can be done with all secondary weapons, but the move depends on the type of weapon, whether it is a club, knife, sword or axe.

Acrobatic Combos

  • Jump onto an enemy and then attack him with the sword which is a deadly attack for Skeletons and a fatal attack for other enemies.
    • Jump on top of an enemy and press the sword button while still in the air which would create an Aerial Slash; it is as powerful as the first one.
    • If these two moves are combined, it becomes the powerful and very useful Aerial Vault combo.
    • It is also possible to kick the enemies by jumping onto them. This will also throw them significantly farther, but won't harm them harder than the usual kick.

Prince of Persia (2008)

You can chain combos with the sword, the gauntlet, acrobatic skills and with Elika's magic and you can combine them. The biggest combo possible can get to fourteen hits.

14 hit combo:


Normal combos:

x ; y ; a ; b ; x-x ; x-a ; x-b ; x-y

x-x-y ; x-x-b ; x-x-a ; x-x-x

x-x-x-y ; x-x-x-b ; x-x-x-a ; x-x-x-x

Elika combos:

y-a ; y-x ; y-b

y-x-x ; y-y-y ; y-y-x ; y-y-b ; y-y-a

y-x-y-x ; y-x-y-a ; y-x-y-b ; y-x-y-b


b-x ; b-a ; b-y ; b-b

b-y-b ; b-y-a

b-y-y-x ; b-y-x-x ; b-y-y-y ; b-y-y-b ; b-y-x-b ; b-y-x-a

b-y-x-y-x ; b-y-x-y-y ; b-y-x-y-b ; b-y-x-y-a


a-x-x-x ; a-y-y-x ; a-y-x-x ; a-y-x-y-x ; a-y-y-y

a-y-x-y-y ; a-b ; a-y-b ; a-y-y-b ; a-y-x-b ; a-y-x-y-b


a-b-a-x ; a-b-a-y-x ; a-b-a-y-y ; a-b-a-b ; a-b-a-y-b


b-a-x ; b-a-y-x ; b-a-y-y ; b-a-b ; b-a-y-b

The 14 hit combo can be viewed on YouTube[citation needed]. If there are any other 14 hit combo's feel free to add them. There are 63 total combos here, all from a gamer who posted the combo achievement on YouTube. So by using the 14 hit and doing all of these combo's you should get 2 achievements.


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