City of Light
Pop ca 014
Physical Information
Location Unknown
Political Information
Rulers Elika
Elika's mother
Elika's father
Factions Ahura
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)

"This was the city man has built, Ormazd has saved, and now, Ahriman has destroyed."

The City of Light is the home of Elika and her people, the Ahura. It contained many cages for market of the city. When Ahriman was released, the city of course became corrupted and held many obstacles, enemies, dangers and a boss, the Warrior.

The Prince and Elika pass through six areas of the city to heal it and finally stop Ahriman's rule. Though the land is healed, the city, once overtaken by the Corruption and now abandoned by the Ahura, is left in ruins.


The once huge and beautiful city is now in ruins. The architecture is simple and everything is made of stone and wood, with occasional steel doors and windows.

Places of Interest

  • The City Gate - is the entrance to the city were the Prince and Elika enters first and heals the area.
  • The Tower of Ahriman - a tower in the city home to a lot of corruption. The Prince brags about owning it after being healed.
  • The Queens Tower - a tower found in the heart of the city of light.
  • The Tower of Ormazd - another tower in the city, similar to that of the tower of Ahriman. It is very unstable and crumbles when the Prince and Elika reach the top making the fertile ground fall to the lower levels forcing the heroes to get to the bottom of the tower.
  • The Warrior's Fortress - is home to the Warrior and is where the Prince and Elika confronts him finally defeating it.


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