The Citadel is a location in Prince of Persia (2008). It is home to The Hunter. As confirmed by Elika, The Citadel was the main commerce section of the kingdom. Before it´s decay the streets were fillled with markets and travelers from all the world that came there to buy and sell products. When it started to crumble, the travelers lost their interest in making trades in The Citadel, turning another part of the kingdom in ruins.

The Prince and Elika will need to heal the fertile grounds in this area to stop Ahriman.


The Citadel is composed by large buildings surrounding the center. The center is in ruins but there are still signs of the markets. In the middle of the area there´s a black hole but when healed it turns into a lake.

Places of Interest

  • King´s Gate - The entrance to The Citadel
  • The Sun Temple - The place once used to religious activities.
  • Marshalling Ground - This place was once used to both soldier training and marketing.
  • Martyr´s Tower - The tower used by the prince Martyr (now known as The Hunter) to imprison his victims.
  • The Windmills - The place that was once used to produce cereals to slod in the market.
  • Hunter´s Lair - An underground complex where The Hunter made his home.