Prince of Persia Enemies
Weapon(s) Dual Daggers
Damage Moderate
Behavior Aggressive
Strengths Low
Special Abilities None
Origin Babylon
Species Human (formerly), Sand Creature
Creator Vizier
Affiliation Vizier
Series Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Chameleon is a common enemy in the The Two Thrones.[1]

Official Description

"Before their transformation, the chameleons were known for their ability to sneak up on enemies by blending in with their surroundings. They used natural dyes to color their clothes and skin, whereupon they would vanish among the golden desert sands and lush greens of the forests. The Vizier has enhanced the chameleons skill to the point where they can become invisible simply by desiring it. Their very flesh now changes color to suit the environment. Fortunately, these wicked hunters have focused on vanishing from sight. If one is careful, they can detect these creatures by listening for their telltale footfalls. Causing them sufficient harm also forces the creatures out of stealth mode, making them that much easier to kill."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


These men were once Scythian warriors skilled in the art of stealth. With the Sands of Time they've become even more menacing. These minions of the Vizier have the special skill to become completely invisible to the naked eye, allowing them to easily sneak up on and attack the Prince.

Luckily, once discovered (which can be done quite easily, as the glowing trail of their swinging weapon is clearly visible), they become visible for a brief time and can often be disposed of pretty easily. Understandably, their helmets are reptilian in design.



Chameleons can be found in both open, bright spaces, and dark, tight chambers of Babylon's palaces and temples. However, unlike Reptus, they are not blinded by light, and do not have a weakness at all. A Chameleon is completely invisible and can only be discovered by their slashing swords. Chameleons are one of the few enemies that cannot be Speed Killed.

Once they have been rid of, their weapon is a very good secondary weapon to have: light and extremely durable, it is a second dagger for the Prince, and the two daggers (the other being the Dagger of Time) can make a good combination together.






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