Physical Information
Region Island of Time
Location Fortress of Time
Political Information
Rulers Kaileena
Factions N/A
Races N/A
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

"What is this?! I saw the empress die! She never created the sands! There should be no Dahaka..."
—The Prince[1]

The Catacombs is located beneath the Fortress of Time.


The Catacombs is housed by many tombs and a sarcophagus in the center. The Prince of Persia finds a mural on the wall written by the Maharajah of India.

The Prince's goal was to prevent the Sands of Time from being made, so he would never release them in the timeline. Anyone who opens the Sands of Time, "must die"[1] and the guardian of the timeline, attempts to force the Prince to meet his fate.

The Prince travels to the Island of Time to prevent the empress from creating the Sands. The Prince killed the empress to protect his life, but the death of the empress actually creates the Sands of Time. When the Prince discovers this, it is too late, and the Dahaka still pursues him.

As the Prince is about to leave the island, the Dahaka throws him into the remains of the catacombs, where he finds the mural. The mural explains how the Maharajah used the Mask of the Wraith to cheat death and change his fate. The Prince then escapes the Dahaka, and the catacombs and maneuvers his way through the prison and library, and back to the throne room.


  • There is one artwork chest located in the Catacombs.
  • The White Glove weapon is hidden in the Catacombs.


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