Prince of Persia Enemies
Weapon(s) Yazaia Disc-Blade[1]
Damage Moderate
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Poor armor[1]
Strengths Moderate
Special Abilities Acrobatic attacks[1]
Origin Island of Time
Species Sand Creature
Creator Kaileena
Affiliation Kaileena
Series Information
Located In Mechanical Tower
Sacrificial Altar
Southern Passage
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

"I will not fail the empress."

The Bladedancers are a common enemy encountered in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Official Description

"The Bladedancers are lithe, clever and seductive--- a devastating combination. Destined to serve the Empress, they now patrol the narrow walkways and crossbeams of the palace, keeping its upper levels secure and free from invaders. They are extremely devious, often dancing away from opponents before letting loose with a volley of razor-sharp disc-blades. After distracting their prey, Bladedancers often vault back into battle and cause damage with fierce melee combat."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


Bladedancers are lithe, agile, seductive fighters. As servants of the Empress of Time, they patrol the higher levels of the palace. They can easily outmaneuver the Prince, dodge his attacks, and then counter with their own. They are dressed in red tunics and parts of plate armor. They also have the ability to confront the Prince as he crosses narrow beams. They can also run on the walls after the Prince in attempts to knock him down and kill him.



The Bladedancers have a weakness in their midsections, so attacks to that area of their bodies will be more lethal, sometimes instantly fatal. They carry smaller weapons, usually daggers. Trying to attack them by jumping on them will be instantly countered.

They are able to jump from behind and grab onto the Prince's back, then stab him for considerable damage. When the Prince gets far enough away from them, they will jump up and out of sight, but will jump down again once approached.


  • Sometimes Bladedancers will repeat one of Shahdee's battle taunts instead of their own.
  • Some lines spoken by the Bladedancers suggest they take pleasure in being harmed by the Prince.[2]


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