Bis POPF 02
Biographical Information
Name Bis
Birthplace Persia
Professional Information
Occupation Member of the Persian Army
Objects Swords and Knives
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Voice Actors

"Oh, so you won't be happy until you get us all killed."
— Bis

Bis is the childhood friend of Dastan.


Early Life

Bis grew up alongside Dastan as an orphan in the slums of Nasaf. One day, when the king was visiting the market, the young Bis got into a spot of trouble with some of the local guards. In the end, Dastan ended up risking his life to save Bis from the guards wrath. When Dastan was adopted by the king, Bis was allowed to come along.

The Sands of Time

15 years later, Bis has become Dastan's most trusted officer, and together they went on a mission to invade the city of Alamut because it was suspected of selling weapons to Persian enemies. Dastan and Bis lead a strike force into the city to open the main gates, and prevent mass casualties.

At the victory banquet, Dastan unknowingly presents a robe filled with poison to the king, who dies shortly after donning it. Dastan is blamed for the king's murder and Bis dies trying to help Dastan escape from the castle.

Bis is later revived when the events that transpired are undone by the Grand Rewind. The same occurs with Tus, Garsiv, and numerous others who died in Nizam's attempt to change time.