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Physical Information
Location Near India
Political Information
Rulers Princess Sindra
Prince Saurva
Allies Persia
Races Daeva
Historical information
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Battles of Prince of Persia

Aresura is the kingdom in which the Daeva reside in. It is described to being beyond India in the "wounded lands". It is ruled by both Daevan siblings, Sindra and Saurva.[1]



Aresura came into conflict with the both India and Persia when a secret plot concocted by the Vizier in which he coerced the Daeva general, Saurva, into starting a war between the two on threat of killing his wife. The Vizier tasked him with stealing the Box of a Thousand Restraints from Persians hands. Saurva would arrive at Babylon, attacking it and stealing the box. In turn, a younger King Sharaman gave chase. He would encounter Aesma and forced him to retreat.[1]

Imprisoned in the Box

Despite having completed his task, Saurva's wife would be slain by the Vizier after he deemed her to have outlived her usefulness. Angered by this, Saurva would go and fight against the Vizier and his infantry. However, the Persian Army and the rest of the Indian Army would join the frey, both armies fighting the Daeva. Having been defeated, Sharaman was nearly slain by Saurva. When Sindra, the Vizier's object of affection rejected his offer to become her consort, he used his magic to use the box and trap the Daeva save Sindra. Sindra would also be subjected to his magic, having lost her memories as a result.[1]

Battles of Prince of Persia

The Daevas were imprisoned in the Box of a Thousand Restraints and the Prince released them when he opened it.

The Prince had intended to use the Box to imprison the Dahaka, but after opening it, he was forced to battle the Daevas and eventually imprison them in the Box again.


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