Prince of Persia Enemies
The Beast
Amir Rahman
Alias Beast
King of Izdihar
Weapon(s) Stone Boulder, Spiked Mace
Damage N/A
Behavior Aggressive[1]
Weaknesses Light[1]
Strengths N/A
Origin Human
Creator N/A
Affiliation Izdiharz
Nasreen Rahman (daughter)
Series Information
Located In Varies

"Begone stranger. This land is mine!"
—The Beast

Amir Rahman was once the king of Izdihar, but became the "Beast" through Haoma's corruption.


After the fall of his kingdom, the Haoma tainted him, transforming his body into a monstrosity. Now, he kills everyone who gets near his kingdom, protecting the sword that was containing the vine.

When the Prince retrieved the sword, the Beast attacked him. The hero stabbed the Beast in the abdomen with the sword but the sword broke in the battle, leaving the blade stuck in the Beast. Hit by the sunlight, the Beast ran away with the blade stuck in his body.

The Prince followed the creature but he lost it after a long chase. After many battles, the Prince managed to reach the creature. During the fight, the Prince used the sunlight to hurt the monster, who ran once again.

However, the prince chased it again and fight it a second time. The creature, almost completely burnt from the sunlight, ran away the third time, but the Prince reached it and killed it with the sun light for good. Before he died, the creature revealed the Prince to be the last sultan of Izidhar and his daughter, the princess, was enslaved by the Haoma. After his last words, the sultan disappeared in a green mud.