Prince of Persia (2008)


As the god of darkness, Ahriman has the ability to corrupt the world with darkness. He is the opposite of Ormazd, the god of light, whose power was used to bind and trap him inside the Tree of Life.[1] Ahriman has the ability to overthrow the light and upset the balance, and would use his power to conquer the all within his grasp upon his escape.[1]

Ahriman uses his power to prey on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of those whose emotions are easily exploited. He preyed upon the fears of the Mourning King, the father of Elika, who begged him to save his daughter and was willing to agree to any terms set by Ahriman. Ahriman's magic has the ability to resurrect the dead, and if he so desires, he can bestow his magic onto others.


Ahriman's power is fed and driven his own hate and envy. Compromised by his imprisonment, he uses his power to corrupt to bend others to his will. Ahriman's power can corrupt a person to the point of transforming them into monsters whose weakest traits are twisted into a strength that is easily exploitable.

He also can control individuals to the point of stripping them of their free will, and whether they can resist is often an example of their spiritual strength, or his weakness as a prisoner of the Tree of Life. Outside the Tree of Life, Ahriman's power corrupts everything it touches, and can harm an individual upon contact.

His power manifests in the form of a thick black substance that swallows whatever environment or surface it touches. When not at full strength, Ahriman can only create creatures with his corruption based on familiar shapes. His only true weakness is that of Ormazd's light, which is wielded against them by the Ahura, who use Ormazad's light to heal the corrupted environment he touches.


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