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"I am the darkness. I am your end! You shall watch the ending of the light"

Ahriman is the main antagonist of Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia: The Fallen King. The ancient god of Darkness, Ahriman sought to take complete control of the universe and was eventually tricked by Ormazd and sealed inside the Tree of Life.


Early Life

Long time ago Ahriman and Ormazd worked together to preserve balance, which lasted for a long time. However, Ahriman started to desire more power and so a war started between the two brothers. Ahriman offered the fulfillment of the greatest wish of man, which sometime proved to be false promises, in return for their souls. Many were tricked by him and made unwilling followers.

However, Ahriman lost the war and was sealed for thousands of years before the events of Prince of Persia (2008) by his brother, Ormazd, the god of Light, into the sacred Tree of Life with those who served him and left.

Prince of Persia (2008)

The Mourning King turned to him and sold his soul in exchange for the resurrection of his daughter, Elika. Now freed, Ahriman started to spread the Corruption and deployed his 4 servants (the Hunter, the Alchemist, the Concubine and the Warrior) with the addition of the Mourning King who slowly succumbed to the Corruption. However, they are defeated by Elika and the Prince, sealing him back to the Tree of Life, but not without taking back Elika's second life.

Seeing the Prince's sadness, Ahriman uses this opportunity and offers the resurrection of Elika in return for his freedom. Freed once again, Ahriman proceeds to corrupt the whole world.


  • Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) is the manifestation of the "destructive spirit" in Zoroastrianism (a prominent Persian religion).