В Принц Персии: Два Трона, Принц имеет разнообразный арсенал оружия.

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The Prince also has the ability to pick up and use most weapons that he finds. Some can come from breaking open a Weapons Rack, but others come from fallen enemies. He can only do this however in his normal form, since, when in his dark form, he wields the Daggertail in his left hand, and throws away his current secondary weapon.

Also, the Prince loses the ability to pick up weapons after he finds the King's Sword because he then carries that in his left hand. If an enemy is killed by the King's Sword, no sand will drop out of the creature, except for Thralls.

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Название Мощность Durability Special
Sand Guard Sword 1 4/8 3/8 none
Sand Guard Sword 2 4/8 5/8 none
Sand Guard Sword 3 6/8 5/8 none
Sand Gate Guard Sword 4/8 2/8 replenishes the Prince's Sands while equiped
Enchantress Sword 2/8 8/8 unbreakable
Reptus Axe 5/8 3/8 knockdown power
Thrall Mace 8/8 1/8 one-hit-kill
Chameleon Dagger 3/8 8/8 unbreakable, throw power
Illusion Dagger 2/8 3/8 throw power
Weapon Rack Sword 5/8 5/8 none
Weapon Rack Axe 6/8 3/8 knockdown power
Weapon Rack Mace 8/8 2/8 knockdown power
Baby Rattle 2/8 8/8 unbreakable, knockdown power
Telephone 3/8 8/8 unbreakable, throw power
Sword Fish 8/8 5/8 one-hit-kill
Chainsaw 8/8 5/8 one-hit-kill
Hidden Stone Axe 1/8 1/8 one-hit-break, knockdown power


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