Affiliate with the Prince of Persia Wiki

Here at Prince of Persia Wiki, we strive to provide accurate and credible information in regards to Prince of Persia. While we're not in the least elitist, we do have guidelines on what a Wikia requesting affiliation should look like:

  1. All Wikias have, or are in the process of getting, references and images must have proper legal tagging where applicable.
  2. The wikia is active with users editing articles.
  3. The wikia has a Manual of Style or something similar outlining how to write articles, what should and shouldn't be in them, etc.
  4. Articles are, or are in the process of becoming, detailed with all relevant information.
  5. The main page is neat and easily navigable. We are not requesting it to look like the Assasin's Creed Wiki, but it should look clean and navigational.
  6. The wikia is not currently going under any upheavals such as changing admins.
  7. The wikia has a clearly defined and well enforced policy.
  8. The subject matter of the wiki is of similar substance (i.e. dealing with Ubisoft-related games, third person, platforming, puzzle games, etc.) to Prince of Persia Wiki.

When you make your request, use the thread's application forum below. If your application is accepted you will be added to the front page with the other partners.

  • If your request is rejected, please see the reasons given in the vote to find out how you can improve the wiki so that your next request is approved.
  • If there is bad history between one or more Wikias from other Admins and users with special privileges (example: bad blood that results in name calling, slurs and vandalism of the Wikias), the affiliation may not be accepted on the basis of maintaining peace within the admin circle and user base.
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